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Concentrated industry knowledge and market data for 100+ industries.

Industry News

Effortlessly keep up to date with industry news. Pathfinder aggregates industry specific news (full-text) from 200+ reputable news outlets, including Business Insider, The Financial Times, The Guardian, and many more.


Find your speciality within a sector and where an industry is going by just browsing through our articles section - read about industry trends and innovations from the likes of Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal.


Learn which books are trending and that professionals are talking about, easily make an order and impress everyone with your industry knowledge.

Industry Leaders

Real commercial awareness is about knowing who are the market players and industry leaders. We have gathered all the big names for you, including their bios to save time.


Not sure what the professionals are reading? Check out Pathfinder's suggestions for most important publications and magazines for you specific industry.

Start your journey towards career happiness

Founded by Oxbridge graduates, it is the first-ever all-in-one platform for career development that makes the career planning process efficient and personalised.

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