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Learn about industries and companies, become the best-prepared candidate and get the most competitive jobs and internships


Build the ideal CV

Make use of networking events, seminars, conferences, skill-building and professional courses, academic degrees, and interview preparation tests.

Know your direction

Take our psychometric tests to discover which industries and roles would fit you the best, and then explore relevant news, articles, books, and biographies of industry leaders .


Save time and stay ahead

Track and prepare for every stage of your applications, organise your to-do's, and manage your events, meetups, interviews and follow-ups. 

Get the perfect position

We don't only show you all the jobs you can find online, you also get the company's description, news about the firm, their social media feeds, and other positions available. 


Start your journey towards career happiness

"Deciding on a career path is a very overwhelming process, Pathfinder helped me providing all that I needed in just one place."

Yomna Elsayed

"It helped me figure out what industries my skills would be suited for, and it has made me more motivated than ever when applying to internships"

Arjun Nair

"The Industry Leaders section is my favourite, it allows me to see what prominent figures have done, and what I need to do to get there too."

Vinicius Sousa

"For students looking for a competitive advantage when job searching, Pathfinder offers the most sophisticated means by a long run."

Antony Juffs

Founded by Oxbridge graduates, it is the first-ever all-in-one platform for career development that makes the career planning process efficient and personalised.

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