Top 8 Inspirational TED Talks

2019 is here and it’s important to start the year off with a bang. Wave goodbye to procrastination and welcome in your very own New Year’s resolution for the workplace. Whether you’re currently searching for jobs, internships, or just on the hunt for some career advice, there’s a Ted Talk out there which may change your mindset this year.

So, here’s your daily dose of career inspiration from us at Pathfinder.

1. The psychology of self-motivation | Scott Geller.

If you truly believe that you can complete your next assignment for class, or task at work, you usually can. During his TedTalk, Scott Geller empowers the audience to “talk about being a success seeker rather than a failure avoider”. When you communicate with yourself and self-reflect, you become able to strive for excellence.

2. Grit: the power of passion and perseverance | Angela Lee Duckworth.

In Angela Lee Duckworth’s research, she asks herself, “who is successful here and why?”. In all categories, one characteristic emerged as a predictor of success: grit. When you have passion, perseverance and stamina, your ability to thrive in the workplace increases massively. If you feel like you’re not currently succeeding in your job, could it be due to your lack on these characteristics?

3. Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes | Richard St. John

It’s important to remember that you won’t experience success in your career path overnight. After 500 interviews with successful people, Richard St. John reads out their advice in his TedTalk. For example, “put your nose down in something and get damn good at it.” If it’s your dream to excel in your job, why don’t you just get started?

4. How to make stress your friend | Kelly McGonigal

It’s inevitable that you’ll experience stress in the workplace. Regardless of your career path, whether it’s software design or business management, there are always deadlines, meetings or clients which may bring you panic. However, perhaps if we consider stress in a more positive way, our ability to cope with it will improve. As Kelly McGonigal suggests, the belief that stress is bad for you, is in fact harmful. Next time you’re experiencing stress in the workplace, perhaps view it as a way you’re prepared to meet a challenge.

5. The skill of self-confidence | Dr. Ivan Joseph.

“The most important thing: self-confidence”. Whether it’s in an interview, during a presentation, or out of a professional environment, confidence in your ability is the answer. When you are comfortable in your career path, and believe that you deserve to succeed, you more likely will. What’s stopping you?

6. Body language may shape the way you are | Amy Cuddy.

When you’re communicating with your boss, a client or a colleague at work, open body language is key. It will signal to others that your open to communication and willing to work together in order to achieve a task.

7. Stop waiting for life to happen | Peter Sage.

Don’t wait for life to happen; make life happen. If you’ve always dreamed of perusing a job in a particular career path, only you can make that dream become reality. According to Peter Sage, this is because “life is a mirror, it will reflect back what you put into it”. It’s your mission to put time and hard work into planning your future career, in order to experience meet your goals.

8. Career change: the questions you need to ask yourself now | Laura Sheehan.

Ask yourself the following question, “if you could do anything, what would it be?” Are you satisfied in your current job? Laura Sheehan states that there is a key step you can take to find success in any job: be open to change. When you’re able to recognise that you are unhappy in your chosen career path, begin to work out how you can grow and build yourself towards a more suitable career.

We all need career motivation every now and again, whether it’s to boost your self-confidence, motivation or perseverance, or whether it’s to understand how to succeed in your career. With a change of mindset, your performance in the work placement will experience a shift to the next level. It’s your opportunity to make the changes you deserve, so what are you waiting for?

Author: Grace Helps


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