Playlists to concentrate while writing an internship application

Finding the motivation to fill out those summer internship applications can be near impossible. Especially when you have exams, deadlines and the crushing realisation that your CV is seriously lacking. Add sitting at a desk in silence or, worse, in the library with people gossiping left, right and centre – and that summer internship doesn’t even seem worth it.

So why not listen to some chilled out tunes to make it a little more entertaining? It doesn’t have to be boring classical music or acoustic sounds on the “Focus” section of Spotify. Instead, try out the LoFi genre to find some relaxed beats that don’t make you depressed and sleepy. If you don’t have access to Spotify you can find 24/7 live streams on YouTube at channels like College Music, Chilled Cow and hundreds more.

Here are our favourites:





However, if you are a Spotify user here’s a study playlist we made for you:

Songs included:

Mac Ayres - Easy

Tom Misch and Sam Wills - In the Midst of It All

Tom Misch - You’re on My Mind

Raveena - Spell

Tom Misch and Carmody - Release You

Tom Misch and GoldLink - Lost in Paris

Tom Misch and Zak Abel - Beautiful Escape

HONNE - I Got You

Tom Misch and De La Soul - It Runs Through me

Tom Misch and Carmody - So Close

Maugre - No Samples

Melvin Alex - Blame Me

Mommy - Ocean Floor

HERB - Save Me

Joeshort, Fujitsu - Boardwalk

T V S N - Rainy Day

Sarcastic Sounds - I Don’t Love You Anymore

Cream - Purest Memories

JP Cooper - Chearleader - Demo

Drevm - Seymour

Guustavv - Pashunfruit

Mura Kami - Kaze

GentleBeatz - One With the Wind

Clouds - Lilac Days

Sleepless - Lost Nights, Pt. 2

Tom Misch - Movie

HONNE - Day 1

HONNE, BEKA - Crying Over You

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